Reflections at the end of a year

Photo © Tamara Beck

I wish I had listened to this:

Never cut a lemon with a dull knife.
This is why it’s called a butter knife, although feel free to spread butter-alternatives with it.

Lists I want to share with you here:

The horse ballet–
1. Wheeldon’s Estancia
2. Agnes DeMille’s Rodeo
3. Justin Peck’s Rode,o: Four Dance Episodes
4.Balanchine’s Western Symphony

Ballroom ballets
1. Vienna Waltzes
2. Peter Martin’s Thou Swell
3. Balanchine’s Symphonic Dances
4. Robbins’ I’m Old Fashioned  (referencing You Were Never Lovelier)

Fairytale Ballets
1. The Most Incredible Thing (Justin Peck)
2. Sleeping Beauty
3. Swan Lake

Films on loss: Ordinary People, The Accidental Tourist
Films about musical stars/musicians: The Rose, A Star is Born (both), The Glen Miller Story, The Rat Race (Debbie Reynolds and Tony Roberts), New York, New York (DeNiro and Minelli), Alexander’s Ragtime Band, Pal Joey, The Joker is Wild (about musician Joe E. Lewis, with Frank Sinatra), The Music Man


Have you had the life is short moment? What changes did you undertake when you did?

As we age, we look less like ourselves and more like descendents of our ancestors. We carry them in our faces, and sometimes in our demeanor.
I, for instance, see my mother and her mother in the mirror. We resemble not so much who we were young but who they were when they were young.
At the same time, we take on a generic look of older folk. Our features are less distinctly our own, as they are those of an elderly aunt. Anyone’s aunt.
We are to some extent interchangeable. There’s that white-haired, white-bearded fellow, who could pass for your dad or mine.

Work lives are getting longer. That is we choose to work more years than we ever imagined we would. As we extend out time in the workforce, we also feel more youthful. Age is beside the point as we continue to be productive.

Putting off retirement is not for everyone. Those who make the choice enjoy the opportunity to feel relevant and remain competitive.
Working into and past retirement gives some of us a sense of purpose. It enlivens us. We also feel that we can share the wisdom, or at least the knowledge of our years.
My tag line has long been: Experience is an advantage you cannot devalue! ®

Have you had the life is short moment? What changes did you undertake when you did?

You should always aspire. Dreams are made of aspirations. Include dreams in your plans for any future you see for yourself.

You should also follow your passions and do what you like:

I won’t be the first– or the last– person to tell you this.
Follow your passion when starting a business. This does not mean that you have to be in thrall to cars in order to sell them, but it helps if you know a little about automobiles if you want to start a dealership.

Just because there is money to be made day trading doesn’t mean you’ve got to do it. And it doesn’t guarantee that you will make big gains trading. It takes skill and knowledge as much as it does motivation.

Real estate brokers get huge paydays once they close a deal, too. Is it for you?

Not every business is for everyone. Find what you want to do. Look to what you love to do. Look to your skillset.

Be sure that you are motivated for the right reasons in every undertaking.

Experience is an advantage you cannot devalue! ®


There is an elephant in the room: We seem to have elected Vladimir Putin as our president.

By therealtamara

For an opinionated woman such as I, blogging is an excellent outlet. This is one of many fori that I use to bloviate. Enjoy! Comment on my commentary.

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