Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld and Nicolas Cage have something in common. Two of them are comedians, but all three of them are collectors of automobiles. Leno has a show called Jay Leno’s Garage and Seinfeld stars in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The latter fits J.S.’s generally minimalist approach– aka the  classic Seinfeld which was allegedly […]

It’s the 4th of July: Who are you? —Reprise

via It’s the 4th of July: Who are you? The ideals of justice and equality that made America what it was are being severely tried. We cannot wear the costume of freedom if we give up our rights and freedoms. Our playwrights and story-tellers try to steer us to the right path. Who will prevail […] […]

Fourth of July 2017..and as it repeats

and again on July 4, 2018 Many of us are, or are descendents of those who have come from far away to be in America. The place we were born and the one in which we landed conspire to make our identity. We say we are Italian-Americans, or Americans of German ancestry. Some brought the […]


The trendy B-School parlance is to label fiscal progress as a disrupt. This unsettling of the status quo is equated with the goals of a healthy economy. On April 26th at a The Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity lunchoen, Dr. Brent Goldfarb shared the view that entrepreneurism is about disruption. His premise extended to […]

To throw ’em off the scent

via Daily Prompt: Disrupt List making is a habit. I have had a very hard time breaking myself of a disposition to compile and aggregate. There are times when the combinations on any given catalog serves to disrupt the order of things. Relationships can be tangential and serendipitous rather than strictly straightforward. This enumeration, for […]

Market force

via Daily Prompt: Micro Seduced by the ease of finding everything you could possibly want at one site, you shop to your heart’s content. For a market to remain free there has to be competition. Once a company corners the customers for a wide-range of products, it gets closer to eliminating competition. A free market calls for […]


via Daily Prompt: Captivating There are people so charming that their very presence creates a tingle, even perhaps a shudder in all those in the room. These especially captivating individuals have an aura all their own. The essence of their allure is a mystery. Their mystique casts a spell.