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Modern dance, like modern painting, or architecture or any of the other arts afflicted with the prefacing descriptive, is only as modern as its times. History places the origin of this genre of choreography at the turn of the last century. Those origins were reactive in nature, as an antidote as it were to “classical […]

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Resistance is insistence© — My Word! née 2017

Resistance is insistence©

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Cool not cold

Warm not hot

Cool not hot

Warm not cold

Comfortable not


Energizing not


Wet not drenching


Hudson Yards construction, near the Javits Center, March 2019 (c) Tamara Beck

There was a vibrancy to this year’s Small Business Expo at the Javits Center that galvanized the crowds gathering and milling there.

Outside the arena, there seemed to be more cranes in the sky then before the Hudson Yards project opened in April.

Safety of various sorts was heavily featured in the exhibits around the hall. One company supplies bomb-sniffing guard dogs. Cyber security got its fair due as well, I had a nice chat with Kellye from CreditSafe which checks out clients to ensure you will be paid.

I admit that I go not just for inspiration but also for the swag, and this year there was not as much as at some other events. Sure, I brought home a bunch of pens for my husband, and scored a couple of bags from PowerTeam, but –aside from a nice machiato and scone from TD Bank– nothing substantial was on offer.


Hudson Yards construction, near the Javits Center, March 2019 (c) Tamara Beck

The sign-up sheet for the Small Business Expo asked me if I had faith in the future of small business. I clicked on No, but I go to the Javits Center to be inspired.

Do I expect a conversion on June 5th?  Well, that’s a resounding Maybe.

Some people turn to self-employment when they lose their jobs in what we sometimes call “the corporate world.” Some are just delusioned by that world and feel they can do better on their own. Some of these marketeers are right. Many parlay knowledge and contacts into interesting enterprises. Some succeed brilliantly; others fail brilliantly.

It is estimated that anywhere from 30%** to 50% of small businesses won’t make it. The same stats apply to your marriage.

The typical entrepreneur is a serial offender, trying different projects, and often some or a series of these endeavors pay off.

**The Small Business Administration–authors of the more hopeful statistic on success– will have local assistance at the June 5th Fair. There will also be Speed Networking, a Beer & Biz Happy Hour, and workshops. There also vendors of all types exhibiting in the hall.

Back On The Coffee Trail

Just when I am sure I have seen all the coffee bars in my neighborhood, a new one pops up. This one is situated far enough from the nearest Starbucks (they are ubiquitous you know) to ensure a steady stream of traffic.


Only the best is in MY cup.

Black Star is on York and 84th, so it has the benefit also of being on a main thoroughfare, surrounded by small rises and high rises. It is technically a part of a larger chain, as there are locations in Brooklyn and in LIC. Nonetheless, it has charms– a backyard, a front “stoop” bench, little tables. It also serves good coffee, always a plus when your business in this caffeine space. I will be getting my “full cup” here again soon.

Also in the nabe, but in the other direction is a little place called Matto where everything is just $2! Sandwich? Yup, two dollars. Coffee, too. And they are having a promotion: order a $2 espresso to stay, get a free ceramic cup and saucer. Matto is also a chainlet with cafes around town and in Brooklyn.

On a dreary Friday

cropped-bebrilliant.jpgEven if it were not dull out–and honestly it is 70 and the sun is just hiding behind some clouds– I might offer up this suggestion:

I want someone to start a company and call it ILLUMINA-Tee, or perhaps CULTUR-A-Tee. It will manufacture t-shirts with quotes from notable writers of color, such as Zora Neale Hurston, or Langston Hughes or James Baldwin, or Lorraine Hansberry or August Wilson, etc. The t-shirts will have passages from the authors emblazoned on the front and their names (the provenance of the quote) in gold type on the back.

Illumina-Tees or Cultur-a-Tees will be marketed, primarily, to young white college students at university bookstores.

The company will need researchers to ferret out the literary material, and copyright permissions from the authors or their estates. It will also need knowledge of cloth and the manufacture of good quality t-shirts. In short, this is not a small endeavor. Handle it, if you will handle it, with care and prudence.

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Interrupting the flow of information for the sake of an advertisement may be unwise. I would suggest a new strategy which might make for a more receptive audience. You don’t want to make them resentful of your advertisers, and you would like to keep them tuned in. Don’t stop the flow! Let the streaming headlines […]

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The eye of the beholder

Thine beauty shines

Though thou art neither

Boyish nor girlish; thy

Coquetry transcends

Gender from the color

In your cheeks to the

Twist upon your brow

Transformed, you are

Splendid, Artifice defines

Your face, your walk

Who you are is

Reflected in beauty

What’s it going to take?

Sticks and stones are the bully’s tools, and there’s one with a particularly yuge bully pulpit who is taking name calling to the limits.

Will people continue to support cries of “Crooked Hillary” or “Sleezy Joe” with responses like “Lock Her Up” or will they start seeing the clown prince for who he is? A blustering bully who tweets so he won’t have to use too many words to express his “thoughts.”

My bad: He’s only calling Joe 2020, “Sleepy” not sleezy, but Bernie is “Crazy Bernie Sanders.” And a little dollop of the bullying was added when he doubted Biden’s intelligence in the tweet.